Cockatoo Island Marine Centre | Berthing T & C
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Berthing T & C

  • To pay the berthing fees as specified by Cockatoo Island Marine Centre (CIMC)
  • To ensure their vessel is correctly moored, secure in its berth using fenders as required
  • Not to discharge any waste into the Marina
  • Not to fish or to clean fish in the Marina or on the Island, and not to swim in the Marina
  • Not to bring any pet animals to the Island
  • Not to bring any alcohol onto the Island
  • That the customer is responsible at all times for their vessel and their crew
  •  CIMC is not liable for damage to vessels within the Marina
  •  Berthing is for recreational use only
  • CIMC reserves the right allocate the customer a different berth or to refuse a berth
  • Payment should be made at the Marina Office in advance of stay, within 10 min of arrival.
  • That penalties are levied for late or non-payment
  • Boat owner must hold adequate marine insurance for their vessel
  • The customer is liable for any damage caused by their vessel to the docks and/or to other vessels
  • No repairs are to be made to vessels while in the Marina
  • No anti-social, illegal or offensive activities to be conducted on board.
  • To keep pontoons and marina area clear of gear, equipment, supplies etc.
  • CIMC has the right to board, access and make safe any vessel if deemed necessary by CIMC staff or Cockatoo Island rangers
  • No promotions or advertising banners on board
  • No open flames, barbecues or other fire hazards
  • For clarification, LOA refers to total length of boat including any overhangs such as anchors, davits, bowsprits etc.
  • It is not permitted to bring rubbish ashore
  • No short term berthing on 31 December, only bookings for overnight
  • Vessels berthing at CIMC on 31 December must be at the marina for the night no later than 5pm.
  • No vessel departures before 8am on 1 January.

Please contact us for more information